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I am passionate about creating spaces that stimulate human dialogue. 


I do this in various ways :

Art Director

Directing of all pieces to execute final desired vision

Experience Designer

Developing unique concepts including an ice cream tasting experience for Museum of Ice Cream to

the school of the future for Kanye West

Installation Designer

Designing one of a kind exhibits from a pool of sprinkles to an upside down pink forest

Executive Producer

Owning execution of all designed elements including sourcing of items to contracting fabricators

Project Manager

Creating overall budgets, timelines and deliverables for all components and vendors of a project


Laying out plans for temporary pop up installations to three story museum build outs


Image generated using Rhino + Vray
Chess room.jpg
Hand drawing on procreate
Inflatable ginger bread house
Image generated using artificial intelligence 
Miami Christmas Backdrop
Hand drawing on Procreate
Image using artificial intelligence
Render using Rhino & Vray
Render using Rhino & Vray
Perspective using Rhino 3D
merry go go
Drawing using Adobe Illustrator
Drawing using Adobe Illustrator
Drawing using Rhino 
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